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Acute Feelings of OCD and Hyper Responsibility | Counselling 4 Anxiety
There are many triggers and underlying psychological factors that aggravate OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). One of them is feelings around heightened responsibility that people who have OCD feel, and who then attempt to take actions to meet this feeling of ultimate responsibility. For example, people with OCD feel that they can change catastrophic or difficult […]
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Anxiety Can Affect Us at This Time of Conflict Between Gaza and Israel
At this time, the crisis in the Middle East is affecting many communities in our country. Some people are glued to social media and their ‘X’ feeds, meaning that they are exposed to heightened partisanship, dehumanising statements and videos of young children and men and women bleeding and dying. The partisanship is driving some people […]
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CBT for Anxiety: Pushing Through the Anxiety Curve | Counselling 4 Anxiety
One core tool in helping people with anxiety to reduce their phobias and fears, is to use exposure therapy which is a key tool that is used with CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy). The two go hand in hand and have a greater efficacy and outcome for people with anxiety and phobias when used together. As […]
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Understanding the Cycle of Anxiety and How to Get Better | Counselling 4 Anxiety
One of the maintenance factors for anxiety is when an individual does not fully go through the anxiety cycle and where their safety behaviour patterns kick in, such as avoidance behaviours, the suppression of thoughts and other safety seeking behaviours. We all know that avoidance, the suppression of thoughts and safety seeking behaviours just strengthen […]

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