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This 'Leaves on a Stream' Exercise may help you to visualise and to associate negative and intrusive thoughts with the perspective of 'leaves (floating) on a stream'. The aim is to symbolically visualise intrusive and negative thoughts as things that can come and go and that they are simply a passing and transient phase which does not mean that the thoughts represent us, or that they have to be engaged with. Also, this exercise helps the listener to be able to be 'mindful' of thoughts, whilst also being able to step away from engaging with them and visualising them as leaves that simply float along and pass along and away.

This Tension Release Muscle Relaxation Exercise can help in allowing you to have some control and mastery over situations where you feel anxiety. The more you listen to it and practise it, the more likely you are to use it in situations that are anxiety generating for you. You can also use the audio just before you sleep as it may aid your sleep. Use your mental creativity and try and fully engage with the process in the audio.

This audio includes an exercise called 'Stein's Clenched Fist' and can be used when someone is anxious, feeling panicky, or when experiencing a high stress event.

This audio uses physical hand and fist clenching and associating them with positive and negative thoughts and feelings. This allows you to induce positive feelings to heighten a feeling of calm and 'being in control' by clenching your right fist and letting go of negative thoughts and feelings by clenching and releasing your left fist.

The more you practice this, the greater the window where you can emotionally regulate yourself when you are feeling anxious, panicky or highly stressed.

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