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cognitive distortions in anxiety
Social Anxiety Disorder Cannot be Underestimated in Its Impact on Lives
People with social anxiety can really benefit from counselling and therapy with the right therapist; someone that they can feel connected to and who empathises, supports, informs and accepts. Social anxiety affects people in a wide variety of ways. Firstly, it affects the confidence of the individual involved, and its affects their belief that they […]
How Storytelling Affects The Brain & The Narrative We Tell Ourselves Impacts on our Daily Mood
Something so simple as the stories, the beliefs and the narratives that we tell ourselves, have a crucial part to play in affecting our moods on a long term basis. So, if I was to ask you how many times you say self-critical things to yourself, would you say that it is a regular occurrence […]
Seeking Reassurance to Cope with Anxiety Simply Re-Enforces Anxiety
"I really keep having to ask for re-assurance" said Ellie in the counselling session with me. "I just need that re-assurance and I need to know that things will be o.k. It helps to reduce the sharp anxiety that I feel about certain things", she went onto say. Ellie is not alone in wanting and […]
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Risk Scanning and Management OCD with Anxiety | Counselling 4 Anxiety
We know that anxiety conditions have a possible genetic and biological trait, as well as environmental and experiential factors. This 'tripod' of issues means that in some ways, there is real progress that can be made in treating anxiety conditions. The environmental and experiential factors can be adapted and changed and so hope is essential […]

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